2017.9.7(thu) Miyagi/Yusuke Oya Matsushima Romantic Concert 3

2017.9.7(thu) @ Matsu Park of Nishiyuki return le Roman front garden (Matsushima Panorama house)
Special stage that sea can be seen (Miyagi)

Matsushima Romantic Concert 3

open 17:00 / start 17:30

Yusuke Oya

※Reborn art There is a privilege on passport presentation.

<Ticket application method>
Mail: reserve@reborn-art-fes.jp
Set the subject as “Matsushima romantic concert ticket reservation application”
Please fill in the following items on the e-mail text, please apply.
· Performance day 9/7
· Cast name Ooya Yusuke
· Performance name “Matsushima Romantic Concert”
· Representative’s name
· Number of sheets
·mail address
·cell phone number

E-mail advance reservation will be accepted until 12 noon noon on the performance day.
We will hand over the tickets for the day at the entrance of the venue.
Please check the name you applied for and pay the admission fee.
There is no reference number etc .

Matsu park of Nishiyuki returning le Roman front garden (in Matsushima panorama house)
Special stage that sea can be seen
Matsusimaazainuta10-174, Matsushima, Matsushima-machi Miyagi-gun, Miyagi, 981-0213, Japan