2017.9.10(sun) Mie/Yusuke Oya Solo Live

2017.9.10(sun) @ teahouse tayu-tau (Mie)

Yusuke Oya Solo Live

open 18:30 / start 19:30

Yusuke Oya

adv 3,000yen +1drink(500yen)
〇How to make a reservation (as soon as it becomes capacity)
Reception by e-mail from 8/2 (Wednesday) 12: 00
Please send us an e-mail after describing the contents below.

“Ooya Yusuke Live hope”
· Name (full name of everyone)
· Number of people (up to the number of people who can come together)
· Phone number to contact on the day
· How to visit (cars, trains, etc.)

* Please be set to receive reply mail.
※ If there is no reply by 21:00 on the day, please contact the following phone number during the day.

After 8/3 (Thursday), reception is accepted at the telephone and shop front.
Tea room tayu-tau

[Notes on reservation (Please confirm all, please accept reservation after acknowledging)]
· Please note that reservations are on a first come, first served basis, so when sold out.
· It is not possible to prepare a chair for the capacity on the day of live. It will be standing if the chair is gone.
There is no reference number, so please come as soon as possible if you would like to see it in a chair.
· If you are booking with more than one person, you can not secure a chair for those who will be late for the end of the day.
Since you will be seated in order from those who are coming at the time of opening
We appreciate your coming as soon as possible.
· If you are coming by car please give me a party of one car.
(Please cooperate as parking space for capacity can not be secured)
· Do not stop falling behind the opening time, in case of cancellation,
Please be sure to contact us by the opening time.
(There is a thing we can not call you after opening)

teahouse tayu-tau
863-3, Ozato Kubotacho, Tsu-shi, Mie, 514-0125, Japan